Sony PlayStation or Microsoft Xbox?

    Hey Gamers!

    I am stuck between which one to keep. I have a PS4 Glacier White and Xbox One S. This generation is confusing. I had 360 and loved it. Played Halo, Gears of War, Forza, Army of Two etc with family and cousin (split-screen, co-op). Those were the days with the vast amount of quality games on the Xbox 360.

    However this generation on the Xbox One my brother and two of my cousins we all have Xbox One. These days we hardly play games together due to the lack of quality in games. Halo MCC was broken on release (we are huge Halo addicts), Halo 5 we hardly play it as it doesn't feel like Halo, campaign don't get us started on that LOL. Gears of War 4 we play it now and then but it just doesn't feel right if you know what I mean compared to the previous Gears of War games.

    We just play our own games eg one on FIFA, the others on PES and I'm on either Killer Instinct or Destiny: Rise of Iron (PS4). I have few friends om PS4 well 5+Me = 6 for full perfect RAID team and we play Destiny a lot. They do play other games from now and then.

    I am thinking of selling the Xbox One S. Yes I will miss future Halo games however nothing else excites me on the Xbox platform. Halo 4/Halo MCC/Halo 5 were a let down. Like they say "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice". I am excited for Spider-Man, Last of Us 2 (will happen :p) but I know Destiny 2 will get exclusives on PS4. I played Destiny on Xbox One but the lack of exclusives makes the game feel not complete I guess.

    Which platform would you consider is more of a future proof?


    Sell them both, pick up Xbox Scorpio next year.

    PS4 is pushing the VR gimmick right now, lol

    Nintendo switch

    oooooooo, the switch looks cool :).....but for me at the mo the one s does could sony leave out the 4k uhd disk drive????.....

    i would look at downtime and who looks after there customers more. Also i prefer xboz controller over playstation (but could be because it felt a lot like nintendo controller to me. Plus forza 3 is mint as was 2.

    I find it interesting you have an Xbox One S, when you consider its only been available a matter of weeks you are already thinking of getting rid. You also say you only play Gears of War 4 now and again, a title that has only been available for a couple of weeks. I have a PS4 already since it came out and have only bought an Xbox One S in the last week having never owned a Microsoft console before. I will be keeping both consoles as there are always exclusives and I really wanted to play Forza as on the PS4 there really aren't many great driving games. Depends on the type of game you want to play, I have played a lot of Bloodborne in the last year which is only on PS4. I think this generation has been lean on really great Again titles probably due to the time it takes to develop them. What sort of games do you like playing?

    They are about the same. I prefer some of the ps4 exclusives but I have both consoles so I don't miss out. If you want to play something now on ps4 you could sell but I'd say you are always better of waiting to see how things go. I'll definitely be getting a Switch and then I'll have to see how the ps4 pro and scorpio compare to my laptop. Might just not bother with them unless some really great exclusives turn up

    Sell both buy a beast PC and then get the Switch. That's my plan

    On a serious not if you want to keep one console I would say keep the PS4, because you seem more excited by it from your post.

    You seem to be enjoying PS4 more. However from someone who has both I actually prefer the Xbox One. Prefer the controller, Xbox live more reliable, backwards compatible may be handy and games for gold is decent.

    I also love racing games. Having Forza and FH3 now is brilliant as well.

    Only thing I play on PS4 at the moment is PES 17 because of option file support on PS4.
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