Sony Playstation PSP Slim and Lite?

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Found 14th Nov 2007
Christmas is approaching and I'm on the hunt for Playstation PSP Slim and Lite.

I can find them at £129 delivered from a number of places, can anyone do better? We'd be buying two so a lower price that doesn't include delivery might work out a bit better perhaps?

Secondly, these are out of stock on Amazon is that a warning that stocks might be a problem and I ought to just get them bought now rather than faffing around?!


I have had a good look around all of the usual sites and like you state £129.00 seems to be price they are all asking.

I have been into Game and they have a few in stock and have not heard of any stock issues. (only one shop and one assistant though).

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Thanks for that, seems like we might have to bite the bullet, I need to have a surf round Quidco and work out which deal is best.

Please let me know what the best deal you find is, I've been hunting for a while and can't find much at all! x

same as - just cant find a lower price!

I wouldn't mind so much if it came with a descent game for the price.
But once you add on a case, game and memory card its getting abit pricey.

Now £100 would be nice......

......still no replies? I cant believe there's no better price than £130 (r I dont want to pay £130 ;-) )


The best i could find was woolies £139.99 with either smackdown vs raw or Juiced 2 or Game which was also £139.99 which had good choice of games. We went for Worms 2 as it is for my 10yr old who really wanted that game.

Both were the slim psps in black or white.

Any shop can sell these all day long at RRP, same with the DS- no reason for them to discount it, esp 30 days before Xmas when they know sales are guaranteed!
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