Sony PS2 Network adapter

    I decided to wire my old dusty PS2 (v4) up and install SMS (network media player) on it. Is anyone knows good deal on Sony network adapter? These were on sale at but unfortunately they all gone.
    I am only looking for original Sony one as it also allows to connect hard drive.

    Here is…516 link to description



    £17.99p from Here

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    Thanks! Do you know whether this company is any good? I never heard about them.

    I've never used them, so I don't know. But they are linked too from the site. They also have a good contact page, might be worth a quick call for reassurance if you order.

    Is SMS any good yet? Still beta right?

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    I can't really tell how good or how bad it is as I am an absolute newbie in PS2 world. I haven't modded my PS2 yet, so I am thinking about softmodding it (Independence exploit) and for that I need network card. I was thinking about PS2Reality but it looks like it can not even play DivX at resolutions higher than 320x240 (at least that's what I read about it), so definitely no go for me.
    SMS home page. Download new version (1.5) from here. A very good user guide is here.

    Do you have modded PS2 and SMS installed?

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    Just bought network adapter from PC World for 14.97!
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