Sony PS3 60GB available

    Hi All,

    Not sure if this is the right place to post - but thought it might help someone.

    Whilst searching for a good PS3 package I've noticed a lot of people would prefer the 60GB PS3 which is difficult to find or outragously priced.

    HMV have them advertised as back in stock in 14 days for £350,

    Hope this helps someone.…347


    Good spot! ...and very odd considering the 60Gb model has not been manufactured since the ]40Gb console was introduced in October 2007.

    (GameStation & CEx often stock pre-owned 60Gb consoles, but typical selling prices here at HotUKDeals tend to be cheaper)

    Also for everybody's information...

    ] is reporting a rumour of further price reductions for PS3 consoles in March 2009...
    Sony Computer Entertainment Staff Annual Briefing 2008
    Posted by Talk Playstation
    on Nov.23, 2008 at 11:12 am

    Two days ago in London was the Sony Computer Entertainment Staff Annual Briefing. An anonymous source going by the alias of ‘Legends’has tipped D+PAD magazine massive Playstation news, here’s what was said.

    Price cuts coming in March, PS3 performing better in PAL territories than 360

    "Our source tells us that SCEE President David Reeves took to the stage to discuss the current economic climate and how it shouldn’t affect PlayStation business, though was quick to mention that SCEE will be getting more competitive in price from March 2009 onwards. Our guess is that we’ll be seeing price cuts to PS3 around Easter to tie in with the release of Killzone 2…

    Reeves then went on to say that the PS3 has a bigger install base than the 360 in PAL territories, and that the install base gap will significantly increase in 2009. Apparently SCEE is the success story of the SCE divisions, generating more profit than SCEA and SCEJ. 2008 sees it ‘in the black’ in profit our inside man revealed. Apparently there are more technological innovations to come for both PS3 and PSP, but details weren’t disclosed."



    I guess that it is an old page that they forgot to remove.

    Original Poster


    I guess that it is an old page that they forgot to remove.

    Could be - but it wasn't there when I was looking last week. Holding out another few weeks for one for myself.
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