sony ps3 bundle

    anyone reccomend a good ps3 bundle for a great price? seen some canny deals at game for £424 ish (3 games and extra controller) but can anyone reccomend any better packages, prices? many thanks x


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    what do you guys reccon? is good but sometimes u r better going to ur local Game's shop. check out this i think its good…HsQ


    ask dandoc he seems to know this kinda stuff

    hey check website [url][/url] they usually have some good offers.



    hey check website [url][/url] they usually have some … hey check website [url][/url] they usually have some good offers.

    haha yeah I hear that sites good

    I list the majority of gaming deals on the forums including the best prices on games and consoles.

    If you're looking for the cheapest price on the PS3 standard on it's own, then you can't beat [url][/url] who offer the ps3 for just £329.99 delivered and that way, you can buy whatever you want, when you want rather than be restricted to bundles you may not even like and force you to buy it when you're not ready.

    They also have the same package with an extra controller for £20, so if you plan to play with a mate, then i'd recommend that bundle, as the cheapest sixaxxis controller will be about £28.

    If you really do want some games, then the Game offer you mentioned is one of the better ones, as you'll receive 3% cashback through Quidco and 2.5% reward points on your card, which the total package then becomes £401.62 but they force you to buy Fight Night with all their packages, even though it's a great game, it's been available on the xbox 360 for well over a year now and this version only has slight graphical improvements.

    I also previously listed another deal from Currys before, which was basically the same offer from Game but with a better third game and it was the same price but there was a £30 voucher and a slightly higher quidco rate, which made the total of the package come to around £385 but it seems as though the offer has changed and the vouchers also expired, which is why you have to react very quickly to deals around here.

    It may be worth calling your local Blockbuster and HMV, as they occasionally have some very good instore deals, there's also some packages that include Blue-Ray films but the films included aren't great and this may not cater to you, as you need an expensive TV to enjoy that anyway.

    Hope that helps, if you need any further advice, then i'm more than happy to help.

    P.S i wrote a more indepth response earlier but my IE7 is still playing up and the whole message went down along with all my other work. :x
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