Sony PS3 controller? (any make, but would prefer official!)

    Hey guys,

    I recently ordered a PS3 (thanks to this awesome site!) but now I'm looking at buynig some accessories and games and that. Most stuff I've managed to hunt down good prices for, but the PS3 pad is a tricky one as I can't find one below £35!

    I'm just wondering if there are any cheaper, or any third party ones even that people would recommend? In the short term it'll be almost exclusively used for the occasional game of LittleBigPlanet so didn't really want to spend £35 on one



    I have a brand new sealed in blister pack wired ps3 controller (woolworths own brand) to sell £8 delivered or swap for a 360 game if you are interested

    If youre not interested in that i think you can get a ps2 controller adapter from ebay to make a cheap ps2 controller work with a ps3

    This would be a great deal for you buddy i will sell mine on ebay lol…-7-

    what you could do is, what i did, using
    order this:…tml
    Sony PS3 Black DualShock 3 Wireless Controller £34.99

    Then order somethign else worth £15.01+, i chose a PS3 headset worth £17.99…tml

    Then used which earned me £2.12
    Because i spent £50+ i could use this PLARBS09 code, which knocks off £5 from the order. It actually knocked off the £5 from the controller, and left the headset at £17.99. the headset is out of stock, for the next week or so anyway, but they only charged my bank for the controller so far (£29.99) therefore its possible i could cancel the headset, and get away witha controllet for £29.99 minus 2.12... however im still keeping the order for the headset, as i am in need of one anyway
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