Sony PS4 Black 223.00 via trade ins etc

A little complicated but perhaps worth the effort:-)

Playstation 4 with GTA5 FIFA15 and The Last Of Us Remastered £360

- 8.4% Topcashback £329.76…en/

Superpoints promo currently running where you get 25% of your purchase back in superpoints up to a maximum of £25 plus £3.59 of superpoints for the bundle, totalling at £28.59 of points…mas

Wait for Rakuten points (£28.60) then buy another copy of GTA5 on PS4 for £48.85 - £28.59 = £20.24

Total outlay so far £350

Sell 2x GTA5 at Game for £82 (CEX £80)

Sell FIFA15 at Game for £30 (CEX £29)

Sell TLOU Rem at Game for £15 (CEX £14)

Total cash price £127
Total trade in price £145

Total outlay at this point
£223 for PS4 without any games
£350 for PS4 and £145 Game Credit

Credit goes to "Greenman9000" for finding the Rakuten deal and "Chanchi32" for finding detailed info on the Superpoints.


if I sell my body for a day I can get it for 100 quid

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if I sell my body for a day I can get it for 100 quid

I think it will be a few years yet before it's that price lol


TLDR: Whats the profit total?

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TLDR: Whats the profit total?

Profit? Do you mean selling it on? If so I would expect to sell a new boxed black PS4 for around £250 maybe a little more so potentially about £30 or more of "profit" :-p

Appreciate the effort, if it was under £200 after all the trades, it would be worth it due to the time and effort needed.

Too much effort, but thank you for sharing this info OP.
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