Sony PS5 Digital Console Fifa 23 + Pulse 3D Wireless Headset Bundle! £540 @ Marks Electrical

Posted 14th Nov 2022
Showing 8 in stock currently. Not an amazing price or anything, but worth it to somebody due to the demand.…tml
I've used Marks Electrical a few times in the past, mostly for TV's, and have always found them to be excellent in regards to delivery.
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    That’s a terrible price, a digital edition for a disc drive edition. Makes no sense
    Why? RRP on digital with Fifa is £449, Pulse is £89 - total is £2 over RRP
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    Taking the absolute Michael, shame on you OP
    Huh? As PS5's are still hard to find I'm simply making others aware there is/was stock available. It's barely over the RRP when you add everything together so calm yourself.