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Found 27th Jan 2006
Hi i'm sure this has been discussed before. I have decided to buy myself a PSP and would like the best price or bundle to get IN STORE only as I head away this evening and would love to have it with me!. I seen some of the super deals you posted before @ boots etc. but what is the best value for money pack to buy?. I would preferably like Pro Evo 5 with it if possible.

Any replies would be greatly appreciated as I head away later on

Thanks Guys
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Gamestation here has tons of pre owned ones at £179, which is mad as the new 1 gig pack there is £199.

At our store we do pre owned ones for £135, and tend to bundle in a game with them. However ours last less than 24 hours, while Gamestation are building up a collection.
I found this on my searches. How does this compare?


Sony PSP Value pack
Pro Evo 5
Metal Gear Acid

Did you say the giga pack is £199?
I think i will check out gamestation. Thanks for your help. Not a bad deal online either at dixons and currys but I'm not sure wether it's possible to get the same price in store!
I'm 90% sure I've seen the giga pack in gamestation for £199.
The one here has loads anyway, maybe they are mxing in the preowned ones with the new ones?
Just thought I would post to let you all know how I got on. I decided to ask one of my buddys to get me some sneaky staff discount in currys/dixons. lol. To my suprise the guys mum works for sum catalogue thing ( I'll check it out incase it may be worth a post in itself ) and has got me a PSP Value Pack with Wipeout for £160!!! all in. Not bad I thought. Getting it tonight . I also picked up my beloved Pro Evo 5 in Argos for only 24.99!!! Again a super price coz It was at least £10 cheaper than anywhere else I looked.

Thanks for your help folks and hope I got a good deal in the end.

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