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    Right, my girlfriend has been angling for a PSP for a while, can anyone find me a decent deal for one?

    Thanks guys.

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    Thats the best I could find. Watch out for the upto 4 weeks for delivery though

    Ebay also have some but they are pretty much going for the same price



    Gameplay are reputable....


    And in stock too....

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    I could try a £15 voucher for my first order at LXdirect, only makes it a fiver lower. Then there's the 4 weeks...

    Wonder if I can get quidco?

    EDIT:4.5% hmmm

    You can do it through HMV, but only the £5 off worked for me, couldn't get the 10% off to work. so thats £145.

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    I hate to expose my ignorance, but what is in the value-pack?
    Has it got anything useful I'd need to buy anyway?

    The value pack is the base pack but with a 32mb mem card in it and some accessories, you would be better off buying the base pack, then buying a seperate 1GB card (there is a deal on the deals page to get one for £10ish), or go stright for the giga pack cos you get aload of accessories with it.
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