Sony PSP

    I'm thinking of getting my son a PSP for Xmas,does anyone know what month the new PSP lights are due out? If so is it worth getting 1 over the original PSP as boy won't really care to do anything else on it apart from playing games and it won't be getting taken out the house likely.
    If its recommended to get the newer version,would it be wise to get a pre-order in as soon stores online or on High Street are taking order and how much is likely to be.


    Wait till the new ones out.

    You can then get the new one, or the prices on the old ones will have dropped by then.

    Wouldnt bother pre-ordering, as they will likely have plenty jsut liek the original PSP's

    I don't think that the new PSP's will sell out when they come out so just wait for them to be released, if you can find a good promotion for it when it comes out then get it otherwise by then the price of the orginal PSP would have fallen and you can get the original for cheaper:thumbsup:

    I think it is out in 2-3 weeks in the UK.
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