Sony PSP - By itself or a bundle - football mad 7 year old

Found 9th Jan 2006
I thought the PSP's would be reduced in price after Christmas, cos everyone would have bought one and Sony would be chasing sales. Doesnt seem to have worked out that way!
Son has £145 saved from Xmas and Birthday - is a football mad 7 year old and wants to buy a PSP and bits to go with. Obviously I'll have to put something towards it.
Any good deals spotted?


Use the £15 off code for Boots, makes it £164.99 shipped.

Edit: Just posted a variation on this which works out to £147.50 after Quidco and Advantage Points.

Original Poster

That's not bad at all! Is it cheaper to buy the machine, then the games, or as a bundle?

i suspect you get it cheaper with the package, as you get a discount getting the bundle also you get the discount with the 10% code, which you wouldnt get if you bought things seperatly.
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