Sony PSP & Football Manager 2007

    Anybody find a deal for a Sony PSP an Football Manager 07 (PSP version)?

    I have been out and about and quite a lot of the high street retailers offer psp and a game. Anyone know online or offline where the best to get it from?


    Game sell mostly firmware 2.81 used base packs for £129.99 (if you request it they will check firmware before you buy)this can be downgraded if you want to 1.5 with the use of GTA: liberty citys unpatched. They sell black, white and pink but it will obviously depend on which your store has in stock.

    Alternatively you can get the firmware 2.81 pink lmt ed edition base pack @ argos for £129.99

    Cheapest for football manager 07 I've seen is Game @ £24.99. Though you could try ebay, or check if anywhere has it used.

    gamestation are selling a brand new psp base pack with championship manager 2007 for £149.99

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    checked the gamestation one out but its only lemmings, daxter or sonic rivals.

    there must be a good deal out there
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