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Hey. I've been 'lurking' on this site for a while and I now use it regularly, so I thought I'd ask you kind folks for advice on buying a Sony PSP as I'm a bit out of the loop.

If I do purchase one, it'd predominantly be used to access wi-fi, play tedious golf games and watch your usual Black Books / Curb / Spaced episodes. However, I've been told that a certain firmware version (1.5?) allows all sorts of glorious tampering, saving me many pennies when buying official games / movies. Could someone please verify this? I'm aware that this edition is harder to come by but I'd like to be in the know anyway.

Also, am I right in thinking that it takes a stand Sony Memory stick? And if that's the case, is it simply a case of dragging movie / mp3 files from your hard-drive onto the stick and running them through there?

FINALLY (thanks for reading this far), could anyone point me in the direction of recommend games that are on the cheap for it?

Thanks in advance.


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What version is yours? It might be possible to upgrade yours, then downgrade to 1.5, then upgrade to a hacked version of 3.x

Mine was version 2.8 & I did this successfully last week

Sorry - thought you already had one

Just buy a normal version & downgrade it yourself.

You can then play a load of downloaded games off your memory stick (Sony Pro Duo).

Never ran music off it, but I have watched a few MP4 movies on it too - easy as pie

Yes 1.5 can be upgraded to a customer firmware so that it can do lots of weird and wonderful stuff.
These upgrades can be found through a google search, although it isn't as simple as clicking and upgrading as a bit of work is involved in upgrading, not to mention the possibility of breaking the PSP.

The psp uses a pro duo memory stick and plays music, demos (games etc) and videos. Although these videos need to be Mp4 which often means a decent video converter is needed.

Thats about it i think, oh music quality is quite good through headphones but sounds abit tinny through the speakers.

(The custom firmwares aren't legal by the way so if your psp breaks with one installed your warranty is usually void)
Oh and one more tip, the psp is a beatch for finger prints, the screen get covered in them so easily! so, if you do get one make sure you get a cleaning cloth =P

Hope this helped

memory stick is - memory stick pro duo - needs to be formatted through your PSP (just go to settings and you will find it there)
music - drg and drop onto memory card in 'music' folder
Films - need to be mp4 and need a certain file name to work (i can email you with info of this and most other things PM me if u need it)
Games - downloaded ones just drag onto the memory stick

Firmware - check the thread above its all explained in there how and what it does. But basically it lets u play any games downlaoded, ps1 formatted for the psp, homebrew etc.

Like i said just PM me if you want any instructions etc ive got loadsa files explaining how to convert dvds, put mp4 onto ur psp, how to put games, music etc etc and most other things lol..i can email you this info free, just lmk what you need.
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