Sony PSP Homebrew Help PSP Slim with 3.90 and Lumines


    I have just purchased a new PSP Slim and have upgraded it to the latest Firmware 3.90. I have purchased a copy of Lumines and am looking into using homebrew for it as advised by one of my friends. I have tried the Lumines saved game approach but am not having any joy how do I go about this in the correct way as I have been trying for an hour or so with no luck.



    i think the only way of getting a slim psp onto custom firmware is to use the pandoras battery method you can buy these off flea bay or other sites or can be made quite easy. but will require a psp running custom firmware if you are local to the midlands i have pandora and the magic memory stick the process is very easy once you have pandoras (not so easy to make)
    1.take battery out
    2.put in magic memory stick
    3.hold left button the hold button on
    5.put pandoras battery in
    6.wait till you see the screen light up
    7.let go of the left button the x button to load
    9.a couple of questions
    10.are you sure
    11.a custom firmware psp

    i have tried most of the metohds and pandora is the very best and only way of getting a slim psp onto the custom firmware

    also very useful if you happen to brick a psp as pandora restores that aswell
    good luck in the quest of pandora

    If your local to me i could let you use mine as it only takes five minutes
    i live in the midlands (leicester)

    Yep, Lumines is no good if you are on a higher firmware than 3.50 (Slims dont come with anything lower than 3.60) so you never had a chance to use the Lumines game save exploit anyway.
    If you live near to Ipswich i can also offer to do the custom firmware installation for you for free, no problem there, and oh yeah, do you want to sell me the copy of Lumines, if so how much?



    do you want to sell me the copy of Lumines, if so how much?Mike..

    I have a brand new and factory sealed copy of lumines. £16 delivered.
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