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Found 6th Feb 2006
Hi, son just got PSP value pack which comes with 32gb memory card - I see the giga pack came with a one Meg card - is it necessary to have one of these? If so, where can I find one at the best price?

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What cards does it take? SD? XD? Other?

It takes a Pro Duo stick...
I think the Giga pack comes with a one Gig card as you cant these in one meg format.
The value pack comes with a 32 Meg card, not Gig! This should be enough for most game save etc but if you want to store more things like MP3s or movies etc then you will need a bigger card.
Ebay is a cheap place...

It takes Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo. It's not necessary to buy a larger one.

Essentially, its primary use is for saving games. Unless your son has loads of games, the 32MB memory stick should be adequate.

However, it is also used to save MP3s (music files), pictures and video files that you can transfer to your PSP via your computer.

i.e. it is possible to use your PSP like a video ipod to play songs, view pictures and watch movies. 1GB is typically considered the minimal for this kind of use, although 512MB will do.

the cheapest place is mymemory.co.uk which has 1GB sticks for £39.99 (search for "pro duo")

Note: there are 3 brands. sony, sandisk and lexar. there is no difference in quality as they are all made by the same manufacturer, so don't be tempted to pay more for the sony one. In fact, the sony has performed worst in tests!

I can recommend [url]www.mymemory.co.uk[/url] as well. Very helpful when it went slightly wrong on their site and the product turned up very quick.

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Brilliant! Thanks chaps - I'm clueless on these things. That's really helpful! Karma to you Andi, that was a brilliant explanation.

Yep I just ordered myself a 2GB last week!!!As previously suggested 1Gb is sufficent enough but I just can't get enough of the movies and stuff. Superb deals at my memory. I have found them slightly cheaper at mobymemory and they have been very reliable in the past however it's only a matter of pence and when you consider that you can get cashback through quidco at mymemory.co.uk, it's 6 of one, half a dozen of the other really.
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