Sony RHT-G1500 Deal wanted

Found 3rd Feb 2009
Hi everyone
Really stuck here as I need a TV and a stand but will settle for the stand alone if the deal is good to start with. Ideally I am looking for an LCD TV/G1500 deal but am not finding any packages! I have found the stand alone for £799 and a 46W4500 for £1200 but only have a total budget of £1500 - i know its a long shot but this is all I have to play with

Anyone sees a deal or can help me then please let me know. I don't mind ex-display as long as they are from someone trustworthy AND are in great condition.
Many thanks in advance
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I've got the RHT-G800 is this one much better? Specs. look pretty similar
Original Poster
The G800 is slight different to the G900 and G1500 which are top and bottomed speakered. I think they are just the newer models coming through!
With the stand being apparently immovable in price terms have you considered a different TV?

For instance the KDL46V4000 at £884.94 incl del here teleworldplc.com/mod…w=1

It has the same Bravia 2 processing, 3 HDMI, full HD etc.
I looks like the G1500 is wider - I have a 46in sony on my G800 - it's a perfect fit, so don't rule out the G900
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Thanks for the responses, I agree totally - i have been monitoring the G1500 price for two months now and it does not budge. I think I'll buy that for now and then try and find a deal on a cool TV next month!:thumbsup:
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Finally found a great deal from PLAY.com for £699 with free delivery! Totally made up the system is amazing and I would 100% reccomend this bad boy as it does alot, even 7.1 sound through HDMI!:thumbsup:
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