Sony Sharpshooter

    Anyone know the best place to pick one of these up at present? Found for £26 on Sony website but near £8 p&p

    Just bought Killzone 3 for £9.99 posted on here, about to buy Time Crisis - also posted on here, so need this gun holder thing now as well, I think for the money its going to cost HotUkDeals should be liable for at least 20% of the cost!!! Need a navi controller as well now just noticed...meh


    Bought a pre-owned one for £24.99 today in Game
    Not sure if that will be nationwide though!

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    ooo nice, will have a look after weekend as got a bid ending on Sun on fleabay for one lol as can't find one around £30 or less..

    I had that same problem too and I couldn't justify paying £30-£40 for a piece of plastic lol
    Although it is a very decent piece of kit I must admit!
    And I was quite surprised seeing as for once, Game had the lowest price for it lol
    Even came with it's box and instructions! Can't guarantee it will be nationwide so sorry if I disappoint, but good price nonetheless

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    1 day left on ebay, still winning !!! Killzone 3 arrived last night though, so now I really really really need it today even though i still havent finished Killzone 2, its that must have the gadget even though don't actually need it yet issue If I win on ebay, will probably have to wait days for posting etc.....curse you my urge to have shiny gadgets now!!!

    Nice! I hope you get it at a good price
    And I tested the sharp shooter out with Killzone 3 yesterday and it truly is incredible
    Worth the extra as it's much better than the £5-£10 knock offs!

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    Meh, missed out, just saw the gun posted on front page, went to order that as a stop gap, and its sold out!!! Grrrrr !!

    Still on the mission, going Asda later to trade in crysis 2 so might put that towards it if they have any - toy story 3 has arrived now, killzone has as well, so neeeeeeeeeed it now!

    Gah, always the way! Better off to get it in person anyway tbf
    And I wish you luck on your gadget mission

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    Haha many thanks, epic fail in Asda tho, not even a cheapo nastyo home made one anywhere, so looks like work tomorrow and some interweb shopping methinks!! I shall not be defeated on this lol!!!
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