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Found 30th Aug 2016
Hello everyone, does anyone have this SmartWatch and if so how long does your battery last? I bought one yesterday from Argos and wore it to work last night with the "fit" app to count my steps but I had to charge it 3 times in 8 hours! Is it safe to say something is wrong with the battery?


my son has it but only has to charge at night.

Is it running the latest version of the operating system? I have one about 18months ago and the battery didn't last long at all so I sent it back. Bought one again at Christmas and the battery life had improved dramatically - it wouldn't quite go to two days for me but after a single charge it would last one full day (I turned it off at night) then would make it to about 7pm the next day.

Make sure you have updated the Watch OS to latest version (swipe across to settings, check for updates)
the latest Marshmallow update makes a HUGE difference to battery life, I've gone from charging once per day to charging once every 3 days
you can also change the display to not be on constantly and touch/twist wrist to to wake. Having screen on all the time will eat lots of battery.

I charge mine once every 2-3 days depending on use.

I had one a while ago and used to get 2 days easily and three at a stretch.

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thanks for the replies everyone, I am on the latest software and have the brightness on auto, gestures off, always-on screen off, WiFi off and location off. It also gets really hot when charging. I charged it at 10 a.m. today and my battery is on 89% which is a huge improvement and that's with me using the watch with Google fit and a sleep tracker. Hopefully it's cured itself!

these are great watches for the money...If only a cheap deal for the steel band would pop up
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