Sony TV has developed a tint

    Our analogue tv has developed a pinkish tinge which makes all the whites look slightly pink which is slightly annoying although still watchable. Has anyone else had this problem? Anyone know how to cure it - apart from getting a new set?


    I have had this twice, and i fixed it using a decent old style magnet took me about 10-15mins a set (Not the new little round ones or the bendy ones, its a pain but if you get to the point when you are going to buy a new one if its not fixed, you can drag the colour out, takes a bit of work as you drag one bit out you get another ptch but you just keep going until tey are all gone, let me know if you want me to exaplin it more?

    Our Sony did this but gone now. Old telly..about 10 years old but expensive at the time. We didn't do anything to it, it just went away (the pink that is!)

    I see.

    Panasonic FTW.

    This may work:

    Hold down the + and - channel buttons while turning on the tv, and then pressing "menu" twice on your remote.

    This opens the engineers menu and allows you change to RGB colour settings either into + or - depending on which way the colour has distorted.

    I had to do this to take a green tint off our JVC and the picture is excellent again now.
    The code I have given you above should be standard for all SONY TVs.

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    Thanks for the helpful replies - rep left.


    Thanks for the helpful replies - rep left.

    But not to me?
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