Sony Vaio 19.5v (4.7A) Laptop Adapter

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Found 26th Oct 2007
I have a Sony Vaio Laptop but unfortunatley I have managed to cause a slight rip in the wire connected to the adaptor. I don't fancy trying to keep the wires together with tape any longer (the small sparks say this is a bad sign ) so am looking for a new one.
It's a 19.5 V (4.7A) ac adapter. It doesn't have to be Sony branded just one that will power the laptop safely :thumbsup:
any help is appreciated.


Tried fleebay?

If the laptop's under warranty, try phoning their tech support line and give them the following lies: "Hi, the AC adaptor of my laptop seems to have failed. Oh, the serial number? Why yes, it's xxxxx. Have you got that? Yes? Excellent. Righto. It's just not charging the laptop up. The little light on the adaptor doesn't come on, either. I've tried the adaptor in a different socket so I know the socket's okay, I've been able to borrow a mate's AC adaptor to confirm that it was just the AC Adaptor that went, too. It works fine with his AC adaptor. Yeah, he's got the same model as I got."

While such a dialogue would, I suppose, constitute fraud, it is doubtful that Sony would care terribly much, and should just send you out a new AC adaptor. I can't imagine they'd be bothered about having the old one back.
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