sony vaio

    looking for a cheap sony vaio laptop. something pretty portable.
    also looking for any other good branded fairly cheap but kickass laptops suitable for a poor uni student!



    Ok Vaio wise the C series are the budget portables:

    and the SZ series are the top end portables with carbon fibre shell etc.:

    Another stylish alternative are ]Macbooks as Apple do academic discount:

    Apart from that, budget wise, Asus/Acer/MSI/Fujitsu are worth a look as are Toshiba/Rock/IBM at the pricier end.

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    cheers for the advice!
    im still considering a macbook though!


    cheers for the advice! im still considering a macbook though!

    I'm in the same position as you.. debating whether to get a Vaio or a MacBook

    If either of you are students then Apple do pretty generous academic discounts.

    My view on it is this, the Vaio's are prettier, smaller and lighter if you pick the right model. However they leave you stuck with Windows Vista (yuck, bring back XP).

    The Apples on the other hand have Mac OS-X which is much nicer.

    Removing Vista from a Vaio and installing another operating system (for example Windows XP or Linux) invalidates your warranty, but Apple actually support using Windows on a Mac, if you feel so inclined. For that reason I'd lean towards the Mac in the present climate.

    Is Vista really that bad then?


    Is Vista really that bad then?

    Depends what you want to do with it. There are still massive driver and compatibility issues, there are privacy issues, then there's the DRM doing 30 checks a second which is why Vista's so resource hungry. I personally wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy, but some seem to like it.
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