sony vaio laptop motherboard help pls

    as above does anyway know where to purchase them from i will post of the model shortly and pics.


    tried ebay ?

    model number please. Also specs

    Is it under warrenty?

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    Model Number: Pcg-grx316mp

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    Nope can't find anything from my suppliers. Ill have a good look in the morning im tired atm,

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    ok thanks

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    keep this thread bumped through out tomorrow i keep forgetting!

    They was a shop in Manchester near pic train station that dose parts for laptops

    What is up with the motherboard?

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    laptop wont start up turns on but needs a motherboard to work. dunno whats wrong with it. I may ring sony directly.

    if you look on google they are places that fix them m8

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    tried no luck

    Then you try to switch it on, does the lights comes on? Is the power supply working? Have you tried to remove of the memory?

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    the power light comes on charging light comes.

    I know for a fact its the motherboard as i spent money for a guy to look at it.

    Perhaps it's video chip broke, perhaps it's memory...I would say. Sometimes it's even the battery, like with Fujitsu-Siemens few models after Sony had manufactured bad batteries for most of the other manufacters, battery recall programs were isued.
    Then you'll get it back, test it with memtest86+. Let us know that was the problem.
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