Sony Vaio Wireless Keyboard VGP-WKB1/G

Long shot but, does anyone have one of these for sale or know where I can get one?

Daughter spilt lilt on the one we have and not working any longer!

Tried googling but, no luck. Missed one on EBAY which seems about the only place to get one nowadays.

Any help appreciated.


I might be able to help.

I did have an XL201 but sold it but kept the keybaord. I'm currently using a Macbook Pro and so have contemplated selling this keyboard. I know Sony do sell them if you contact their Spares Department but you'd have to pay over £100 for a replacement, I think nearer £150!!!

If you are interested then let me know and we may be able to work out a price.


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Can you confirm the model no of your keyboard as looking at some pics of the XL201 it looks like a different keyboard to the one I have?

If it is the above model no I would be interested. Do you have a price in mind?

Sorry, it wasn't the XL201, it was the tower model that had blu-ray!

It is exactly the same keyboard as the photo you have and is definitely the same model, I even have the mouse also!

I don't have a price in mind as it was just a thought about selling the keyboard and I haven't seen what they are selling for on ebay...

I was going to think about selling all the items which were the keyboard, mouse & the USB Receiver.

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If you can send some photos of the item that would be great. I'll PM you my address.

The one on EBAY was brand new and boxed with mouse - went for £49.99 plus £8 postage. You'll need to bear in mind your item is used.

If the mouse is model no VGPWMS1 then I might take that as well dependant on your price.

I'll also need details as in the for sale trade section re landline nos etc. Without this additional info I wont be able to trade.



Is it ok if I can get the photo's sent to you in the morning? All the bits are boxed and I don't want to wake anybody up at the moment!

I'll get the photo's sent to you so that you can see what condition the items are in and perhaps that will be the best time to see what we can do with a price.

I have yet to make a trade/sale on this site so will need to see what is required from me but I'm happy to provide you with those details.


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Thanks for photos this looks just like what we are after.

Assuming you have the mouse lets get down to price!

I missed one on EBAY a few days ago which was buy it now £49.99 plus postage. That was brand new and boxed and included the mouse and the receiver. At the time I was watching it more for interest and lo and behold my daughter managed to spill lilt on hers! When I revisted EBAY someone had beaten me to it.

I would be willing to pay £35 for yours inc postage. I would prefer to pay via paypal and will pay your fees if necessary to secure a deal.

Let me know as my daughter is anxious to get back to club penguin as soon as she can!
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