Sony W880i and W580i

    Merry Christmas!

    Just wondered what the simplest and most cost effective way of unlocking these phones would be?
    Are the companies that advertise on Google for around £2.99 the real deal?



    Take it to a phone shop they'l do it £5-10. Don't take the risk of putting a code in from online...if it doesn't work it's a waste of money.

    And if you put the wrong code in too many times it'll lock the phone up and only the network or a phone shop can unlock it.
    Cable unlock in a phone shop 5 to 10 quid or ask the network there on for the code.

    Sony phones don't work with codes you have to re-program the flash for the unrestricted code (using the likes of SETools or Far Manager software and USB lead/driver)

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    Hi Thanks for the info !

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