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Found 1st Jul 2018
I’m looking for a new phone at the moment and been reading/watching lots of reviews of various phones. One thing I’ve noticed is that Sony phones don’t seem to be reviewed as often, and almost never feature in lists of top ten/top 20 handsets from the major tech sites. Spec wise they seem very good and the cameras seem highly rated so why do they never receive good reviews/recommendations. What am I missing?
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It's Sony.

Phones are ugly, irrelevant, and overpriced without useful features. The XZ2 Premium is going to cost $1000 and it looks terrible with those bezels!
I'm not sure why, me & my missus have been using Sony phones for years & they've been great.
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I had the z3 compact and I honestly couldn’t fault it, was a great phone. But recently I agree with @jamie015 they are iPhone X expensive but without the software, features or reliability
I had the z5 and recently upgraded to get a Huawei p20, great phone, camera another level and battery especially impressive
I've had the z3, my other half has had the z3 compact and the z5 compact and they have all been great phones especially the camera - Sony are very slow at releasing the latest android software, and I will say that all our phones have been back for repair under warranty - but always fixed quickly and without quibble.

They have all felt well made but very square and boring.

I would always recommend the Xperia phones, more before as they always had the best cameras, but not sure if that's still true.

I now have a p20 Pro and am really pleased with it.
I bought an XZ1 Compact after looking at various models and I like it. It may not be trendy among reviewers, but it's a very nice phone.

I particularly liked the design, a lot of the other phones these days have awkwardly thin edges, glossy finishes that look rubbish in the flesh and really boring colours. My XZ1 is a nice salmon colour which is much better than the usual grey/silver/black.
I do lots of gaming reviews on YouTube for various phones and when the xz2 came out, I decided to buy one to review, honestly the last Sony I had was the sony z2, so I was pretty excited to compare it to the Samsung s9, Oneplus 6 and huawei p20 I had, long story short, the xz2 is a great phone, camera was better than all the phones I tested it with (my opinion), well optimised, nice DAC, screen color reproduction was beautiful, even amazing battery life it was overall a great phone, however I ended up returning mine for a few reasons.
1. The button speaker stopped working and would only start working after resetting the phone several times.
2.(MAIN REASON) The phone has a hideous design, heavy, bulky, and ugly bezels.
3. When testing graphical games it would heat up to close to 50 degrees unbearable to touch and would drop in performance (though since its waterproof just put it under cool water) :P
4. Would drain battery when gaming due to heating up

So. As of right now the best phone I have tested has been the Oneplus 6, camera isn't as good as the s9 or xz2 but still amazing, best gaming phone in my opinion, doesn't go over 40degrees nice and cool, charges fast and lasts 2 days, never loses performance when temp goes high, very well optimised phone which gets regular updates and looks 100% better than the xz2, I would recommend the s9 for everything other than gaming, since unfortunately we're stuck with the exynos variant in the UK. Let me know if you have any questions :
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