sony z3 to me

    Thinking of getting one....upgrade from iphone 4s. Read all about the pros....tell me whats not good. Do calls drop out? Struggle to connect to a network? whats the wifi range like,does it drop out? any glitches? How long does it take to charge? When is lollipop coming to it?
    Will be stuck with it for 2 years at least so want to be sure before moving from apple to android. Dont want suggestions for alternatives, its either this or an iphone 6. Thanks


    Have a z2 which is 90% the same phone.

    No issues whatsoever perfectly happy with it. Theyre the best all rounder device with no strong cons. Its got the speed of both the m8 and s5 without the poor build of the s5 or the shocking camera of the m8.
    It has a clean interface, crisp screen, and an amazing battery.
    Updates are slow compared to others and they lose value because of the 6 month production cycle. They release the same phone with minor tweaks and vastly devalue the old one.

    When does Lollipop come to it? That will vary network to network.

    I went from 6 years of iphones 3gs and 4s and eventually had enough of the **** battery life and got a z3 compact last week. It took a bit of getting used to android but its great overall.

    Battery life is phenomenal on this. It lasts about two days even with constant use. It's worth getting just for that!

    The main thing for me was just deciding between z3 and z3 compact. I'm not a fan of huge phones so z3c was the perfect handset for me, without compromising anything in terms of specs. Competes with the best.

    2 day battery. Don't need to take charger if say 40% and half day left. Waterproof leave it on wall outside it rains still ok. Lolipop on 3 look like Jan.

    got the wife a z3 for xmas moving from a iphone. wish id kept it for myself

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    thanks all. got myself a Z3 today. so far its great, even comes with a transfer cable from my iphone to it, well pleased!
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