Sony/Sandisk M2 Memory Stick Micro 4GB

    I've got a W810i at present and I've been given a W880i as a present, which only takes these M2 cards.

    Play are doing the 4gb card for £34.99:……tml

    Can anyone confirm that these M2 cards come with two adapters, one to fit inside older phones like my W810i, digital cameras etc, and the standard adapter to fit inside laptops, LCD's etc?

    Also is this the cheapest I can get it for? I'd rather not buy from Ebay, due to fakes etc.

    I also want to get the Nokia N95 when my contract expires in November. Will I be able to use the M2 on Nokia phones?

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    Comes with a single adapter to turn it into a MemoryStick Duo (the shorter one) IIRC. Wont be N95 compatable I'm afraid. Also I'm not 100% sure all the devices will work with the 4GB one - might be better to get a 2GB model to be safe as you will get the N95 before long!
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