Soon required high end AGP card.

    Not needed for at least a week but thought I would put the feelers out in case someone is upgrading.

    I need a good AGP graphics card, 7600gt, X1650pro or better.

    Would also consider an X800XT prefer the PE. 6800 series also considered if the price is right. Or a lowly 6600gt as a final resort but the price would be low on that one.

    Will not have cash for maybe another week or so.

    If anyone is due to be selling one over the next few weeks please give me first refusal. :thumbsup:



    Hi beerman,

    best I can offer is a 9800xt if your interested,nabbed the 800pro for myself!

    Original Poster

    Hmmm, that depends on the price hun. Although it was a daddy at one point it really is feeling the pinch now. Although it is a very fast card it will struggle to perform when it comes to producing those little extras on the eye candy front we now come to take for granted.

    How much were you thinking?

    Oh forgot to PM you, your game is on it's way, only second class but recorded so expect a knock soon. Second class from my experience can arrive the next day, depends how busy that sorting office that day I would imagine.

    Well i was thinking about £25,but am open to offers(just for you):)

    Original Poster

    You have PM.

    Well shortly once I send it, lol.

    Bumpity bump for beerman:)

    It's the least i can do:oops:
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