Sophie the Giraffe teether

    Just wondering if anyone has one of these for their little one and what they think of it. Is it useful or just an expensive gimmick? I've heard a lot of good reviews about them but they do seem a little on the expensive side for a teether!…ox/


    Definitely buy one if you can. We bought this a few years ago for my (now) 4 year old - she absolutely loved it! It was very hard to get a hold of - we ended up picking one up in Calais when we went to over to France shopping for the day in the Toys R Us there. Think it cost around £5. Well worth it as it was played with all the time - she loved squeezing it to make it squeak.

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    Wish they still cost £5, they seem to retail around the £12 mark now!!

    I know - they're really expensive to buy here and were about the same 4 years ago (which is why I never bought one). Couldn't believe it when we saw them in the French Toys R Us for the 7 euro. Do you know anyone going to France for holidays this year? May be worth them picking one up for half the price. Its a great toy but I couldn't justify the £13 as its quite small. Hope you eventually manage to get one :thumbsup:

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    Unfortunately we dont know anyone going to France but we got given so much money for him when he was born that i'm considering splashing out on one. He's 17wks and has had his 1st tooth coming in since he was 14wks!

    Aw! Yes go for it then! It lasted for ages - through two babies here so worth it. Have fun

    We've got one that my lo had and it was great the only thing he would ever chew! It sits on his windowledge now and my husband still calls it the dogchew though!

    try ebay 9.95 buy it now
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