sopranos season 5 dvd boxset

    i have recently been watchin the Sopranos season 1 boxset i bought ages ago and realised it is amazing, so in the last 2 weeks or so i have been buying the season boxsets 2,3 and 4 which are all 24.29 after my student discount, only problem is that the 5th season is 60 fu ckin quid compared to the other 4, i have seen it for 32 quid just wonderin if anyone know if i can get it even cheaper then 32 quid

    please help im waitin to see season 5 before season 6 starts


    i got mine of ebay for £23 delivered region 2
    try there

    oh and season 6 is way off, unless you have friends in the us who can sort you out ;-)…htm

    CD Wow is probably the best bet as you can find some discount codes normally for those.
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