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    Hello, i recieved a harness for my dog today from a ebay seller, the box said medium which was the right size however the harness was not . It says on the box neck size 30-42cm this one is around 20cm fully extended ! I've contacted them and they said send it back then they will send me the right size, but they won't refund the return cost. Why should i be left out of pocket? Is this right?

    Thanks for any help.


    If they are registered as abusiness seller then they are breaching the DSR's (distance selling regulations)

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    yes they are registered as a business seller, so they have to refund me the cost of postage then! thank you . It just annoyed me as the harness was only £5 + £1.20 postage now it's going to cost me £1 + to post back as well as being a complete pain !


    and make sure you send recorded, as they may say they havent received it

    What does it say in their returns policy?

    If they made an error, and it sounds like they have here, tell them it's their mistake and they need to correct it and pay for postage, if they won't consider opening a dispute.

    You did use paypal, right?


    And if they open a dispute, she'll still have to return at her cost, if … And if they open a dispute, she'll still have to return at her cost, if seller still refuses return costs, pp don't enforce the dsrs on sellers they are just a "venue".Dpends how far you want to take it op but they should be paying return postage as they are indeed in breach of the dsrs.

    Fair enough, well put.

    I had an issue like this, seller wouldn't refund return postage costs on a faulty item, seller was v rude and unhelpful so I opened an eBay dispute (not paypal) and eBay refunded me my return postage - they concluded it was neither side's fault and didn't deduct the funds from the seller but from eBay funds instead. The only time I have opened an eBay dispute, I always try and avoid any disputes but I must say I was impressed with eBay and how they dealt with it.
    Maybe not worth it for £1 but just thought I'd let you know my experience.

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    thanks for the replys, i think i will return it and ask for the right size and then start getting arsey with them over the return cost once i've got the right one!

    Under the DSR's they have to refund your P&P especially when there was an error either by them or the manufacturer. Just tell them to confirm there was an error in the sizing and in which case you expect your P&P to be refunded, If they refuse mention you'll contact trading standards



    and make sure you send recorded, as they may say they havent received it

    no point doing that for a £5 item, if I was the seller I wouldn't be happy about paying the extra cost when proof of postage covers you just as well.

    i think you have to send it recorded( to prove to ebay/paypal that you returns it and they received it) only an extra 75p (i think) and tell them as it was their mistake you expect to have the retun postage costs refunded. at the end of your email put that you will leave honest and fair feedback when it is resolved.this is in no way feedback extortion but may make them contemplate what you will say when it comes to leaving your feedback
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