Sorry but...

    I'm after some laptop advice. I did use the search button but its throwing up results from a year ago which obviously is no good!

    Right, I am getting rid of the desktop to be replaced with a laptop for christmas. My brother is also after 1 so thats 2 laptops were after. Budget about £450 - £550 for each.

    I obviously want the highest spec laptop for the money. It will be used for a lot of web broswing, downloading, bit of photoshop, not interested in gaming on it.

    Any good deals, or any company that will do good deals on 2 laptops? Is it worth waiting till January?

    Any advice will be appreciated



    had a quick look as im always looking at Mikes Dell deals, this was the latest one..].here

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    ooo looks nice ready thank you. Whats the processor you should be going for?

    Just bought one of these for a Client - I was shocked at how cheep it was...…LMZ

    * AMD Turion™ 64 X2 TL-60 Processor 2.0GHz
    * 2GB, 160GB HDD & DVD/RW Super Multi DL Drive
    * Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional & Office 2007 Ready, Wireless 802.11a/b/g LAN
    * 15.4" WSXGA+ TFT Display, Bluetooth & Fingerprint Security

    Comes out at around £530 delivered, but HP will give you £100 cashback

    In stock ready for delivery now

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    ooo looks good. Is that a duel core processor?

    See the funny thing is i've always been against vista, but now cant help but feel I should get it on the laptop as its the future...

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    what does anyone make of this? I like the Vaios

    What about one from Dell? ][size=2][/SIZE][SIZE=2] put in value code UKDHSONL-N0172002 seems alright to me in comparison to the currys one. Slightly cheaper with slightly bigger hard drive Just a suggestion [/SIZE]

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    Hi sheepy, thanks. I will probably end up getting a Dell lol but it just gives me a headache as every week there are more and more choices!

    Ill keep an eye out on mikeTs deals.

    I had that problem Good luck :thumbsup:

    if its not core2duo then its a waste of money imo

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    Man this is a headache lol. So people prefer intel processors, and core 2 duo is the best? Howdoes duel core measure up?

    Thanks again

    Not sure exactly how they measure up but i have a core2duo one with vista home premium from Dell and (is going to regret saying this) runs great. I use it for pretty much the same as you want yours to do.
    It's a Dell 640m with 2gb ram, processor T5300 1.73ghz, 120gb hardrive.
    Actually, just looked at my receipt and realised it should have actually been a T5200 1.60ghz processor in it.. that's weird :whistling:

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    lol looks like you got a better processor!

    Think i've decided I want core 2 Duo, 2gb ram, at least 120GB hardrive decent screen and decent graphics.

    It's not often i get a better deal
    I'd have a look on dell to see what price the spec you're happy with is then at least you have a price and spec to compare it to if you want to look elsewhere :thumbsup:
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