Sorry to sound stupid! but, is rock band 2 for ps3 out yet in uk?

    As title says


    Release date(s) Xbox 360
    NA September 14, 2008
    EU November 21, 2008

    PlayStation 3
    NA October 19, 2008

    PlayStation 2
    NA December 9, 2008
    NA December 16, 2008[5]

    ^^ Nope! Both out in North America as you can see.

    Just like the original Rock Band it's out on the 360 first - in the UK in 3 days time btw.

    No European release date set yet for PS3 owners.

    I'd get GH4 for your PS3 if I was you - I've go it -, it's absolutely fantastic, the drum kit is miles better than I imagined and is so much quieter than the Rock Band kit it's unreal, I also love the bass player mode - the free GH3 guitar with some retailers is sweet for if you have a mate who wants to join in. Must say the wireless guitar is even better than GH3's PS3 one.

    Tracks are great too, no cover versions!

    Original Poster

    Thanks for all that it was good of you to take the time. Ive repped you!
    my hubby is adament that he wants it for christmas. He has a 360 and a ps3 but for some reason he wants it on ps3.
    I mentioned guitar hero to him but he says he wants rock band.
    Awkward monkey!!!

    is there still no news on RB2 PS3 release in the UK??
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