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    can't play ps2 games, can't play Region B blurays.

    I think the console is ALL BLACK and has no silver on it.

    it depends how cheap it is. a 20gb is fine except theres no wireless and no memory card reader. ps3s are region free so there shouldnt be a problem playing ps3 games from here.

    ooh 240 is abit much for a 20gig. i saw a 40gb uk version down here the other day for 220. even if you take him down to 200 its still worth paying the extra for a 40gb.

    They're pretty good to be honest, they contain the emotion hardware for ps2 games and will play US blu-ray which are preferable to EU anyway.

    you wanna tell me where you saw the ps3 for under 240?

    I wouldn't pay £240 for a 20gb NTSC,when you can get a 40gb UK for about £270

    Another problem would be is you would always get connected to U.S servers when playing online.

    TBH i wouldn't really pay more than £190

    buy a pal machine to avoid warranty issues, they exchange faulty consoles for refurbs - something tells me they wouldnt accept a us version as they couldnt fix it and exchange it for a pal.

    you can actually get a 40gb uk for 250 so a tenner more you get a uk machine + it has wifi + double the memory.
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