sorted :)



    I *think* Amazon are on ]nectar if that's any good?!

    Edit: Yup, they are ]>

    ]R Points do 500 points for new customers


    they are on [url][/url] :thumbsup:


    I *think* Amazon are on ]nectar if that's any good?! :)Edit: Yup, they … I *think* Amazon are on ]nectar if that's any good?! :)Edit: Yup, they are ]>

    I couldn't get that to work when I tried it a few weeks ago, said that Amazon didn't exist when I clicked through!

    There are a couple of cashback sites that list Amazon but I've been unable to get any of them to track. Amazon don't like paying out via cashback sites anyway hence why you won't find them on most places.

    If you get their credit card you get £15 voucher first time and then 1% cashback on all purchases through Amazon. 0.1% elsewhere.

    R Points don't pay out until you get to 2000 points (£20) but you get 500 points for signing up and they promise to match cashback rates of other cashback sites (but you have to tell them I think and it's for amounts over 20p)


    pigsback is only 2points per pound spent, you also get 500points for signing up (i think) a point is a penny so i suppose its 2% back plus a £5. But pays out in vouchers, like arcadia, pizza hut, boots

    i'm not certain, but from the way you've said that, i'm guessing you'd have to wait until the card was delivered



    4.5% cashback on Amazon at Cashback … 4.5% cashback on Amazon at Cashback Rewards:

    4.5% Cashback when you choose to buy your DVD's, CD's computer games, books, videos and much more.

    Please note Amazon pays 4.5% on all purchases except electrical goods ie. Notebooks, TV's, Toaster's etc, these pay 4% to a maximum of £5.00


    how much are you spending bod? please ignore if you think thats rude, just trying to work out which is best


    so the cashback rewards is coming out top then, shame about the £25 pull out, pigsback isnt gonna be much cop unless your happy with vouchers

    For every £1 you spend on Amazon you can get 5 ipoints from I'm a member and been getting lots of great rewards over the years. Recently I've been excahnging points for blu-ray films - roughly about 3,000 points, but you can pick them up for a little as 1,400 points.

    You can get ipoints for amazon - 5 points a £1

    Never been able to get cashback-rewards to track.

    bod emrys;1717441

    Thanks 03bintls, will go and check that out.

    There's loads of way to earn ipoints without actaully spending money too - doing surveys, opening new accounts with banks etc etc. There is also a search engine called WebFetch that allows you to earn ipoints for every search you perform! You don't get many of course, but with all the different methods its easy to accumulate quite a substantial number of points fairly quickly!

    Why don't you order it off and get it a tenner cheaper than amazon are charging for it?
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