sorted :)




    Why don't you return it to it's original state then call the company who installed it?


    yes they will, but dont ask me which way to turn what, a couple of summers ago mine was catching so decided to adjust, dear god you should have seen the state of it after i had finished it was that chuffin lopsided i couldnt even push it too, some one had to come sort it out and they did it by adjusting what i had (the said screws)


    I need to adjust my front door which was recently installed. No point in calling the installing company - they did a runner to Spain (after 20 years of trading) about 3 months after the house was completely refitted.

    Basically, everything is fine, but in hot weather, the doors obviously expand, and the one of the locking catches, sticks out to far by about 2mm and catches the PVC of the door. I guess I just need to turn all the screws the same amount to stay level - to bring the whole door in about 3mm. God knows what I need to do this though. They are not screws - but a sort of hex opening!


    bod emrys;2143718

    Yup, same as mine - just use an allen key.

    Haha. I would - but aint got one big enough! Must be about 4 or 5mm!


    Yeh, it will be a normal allan key ...... but given what you said....... I'll curse you forever if I end up in the same mess!!!!!:whistling:

    Lift the door off it's hinges and make sure they're not moving on the frame.
    Tighten adjustments up and put door back on, loosen to fit.

    You may need to pack the hinges out with small washers if they're really bad though :roll:

    Yes but just nip them up, don't over tighten
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