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    The Cen Range

    I might be interested in the same thing. I have a quick car but don't think it'd handle rough terrain.

    how much you looking to spend? if its cheap and cheerful, a cheapo Taimya 4x4 dune buggy/stadium racer should suffice. But for serious offroad terrain you are probably looking at the monster truck range

    Do you want one in kit form or ready to go? Whats your budget? I used to be into R/C cars and had a set-up for race meets that cost over £1000 in my teens. How old is your lad? Also electric or nitro? If he is 10 or over id recommend a kit form as the parts are easily replaceable.

    bod emrys;2595853

    He's going to be 8, I'm just looking for a cheap and cheerful electric … He's going to be 8, I'm just looking for a cheap and cheerful electric one, was hoping to spend under £50, but most of the things I've come across are worse than useless as soon as you try to use them on anything other than a smooth surface.I like the idea of a kit, but the one's I've seen tend to be a bit pricier than I'm looking for. If he doesn't get bored of this one too quickly I'll consider getting him a better one (possibly a kit) in the future

    Try a local model shop, the biggest cost with kits is the rc gear, but this can be used with any in kit form, with buying a kit these can be upgraded as your lad gets older and more competent, also the batteries can be used between models, motors upgraded for speed, you dont need top of the range, also check local ads ive seen full set-ups for £50-60. Im tempted to get one "for my son" and have seen them go on ebay for next to nothing if you filter them down to pick-up only and to your area.
    Mardave used to be cheap but good cars, not sure if this is still the case though but they are ideal starter kits as they had metal chassis.
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