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    If it didn't use to be there but has started happening then you have every right to request a repair/replacement as it's still under warranty regardless.

    bod emrys;2736197

    Now that you say that, it seems like common sense :-DThanks Sy, think … Now that you say that, it seems like common sense :-DThanks Sy, think I'll give misco a ring. Incidentally, who should deal with this - Misco or Hanspree?

    Misco first...........but if all else fails Hanspree. Hope you get it sorted.

    Yes and no.

    The problem you're experiencing is backlight bleed. It's an issue unavoidable with LCD screens, which basically work on the principle that the light is on all the time, but partially blocked by the little liquid crystal pixels when a charge is applied to them. To make an analogy out of it, it's sort-of like having a desk lamp with a sheet of black paper in front of it. Unless you have extremely thick paper in your house, light is still going to bleed through. And so it does, and there's nothing a warranty will do about it, since it's regarded as normal operation.

    Anyway, that's the "no" part of the answer. The "yes" part, which does get you a replacement, goes like this: Phone retailer, act like stupid person, tell them that screen is light even when the picture's off. Of course, by "off" you mean "black", as in "picture is off the screen", rather than "TV is off". Confuse them, they'll soon give in, and auth an RMA.

    Are you really sure it wasn't there before?, these things become more noticeable when noticed.
    Generally lcds do have varying levels of black including some light patches, hence the comparisons often seen to plasma and the higher quality black projection.
    I know there are legal limits on the amount of dead pixels but not sure about grey levels at all.

    bod emrys;2736264

    I know exactly what you mean. I can't swear that it wasn't there before, … I know exactly what you mean. I can't swear that it wasn't there before, but it is really annoying me now.

    I tried an lcd 32", and got rid for same reason ended up with a 50" plasma and now every time I look at it I go AAHHHHH, beautiful

    Does it only happen with certain channels or programmes? I always get some backlight bleed on the credits of Star Trek Next Generation but its fine the rest of the time.......

    Setting aside the technical argument (which is irrelevant really, as the item is obviously faulty and needs to go back).

    Do NOT let Misco fob you off to Handspree. As "point of sale", Misco are your one and ONLY contact. Let them chase Handspree - do not let them take the easy road to leave you phoning all over the country!

    I am trained in consumer law and legal rights. If you have any doubts as to the accuracy of what I am telling you, consult your local Citizems' Advice Bureau.

    Misco should just take the item back and ship you out a replacement under warranty. Hope this helps. :thumbsup:
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