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    How big is the package likely to be as that can be a key factor in whether it slips through customs or not?

    It totally depends on what you've got and whether it's noticed, it's a 50/50 split as to whether customs will pick it up or not if it's come by usps, if it does get through then the charges depend on the product and the price, you can find more info ]here.
    Oh, and it should take about 2 weeks if it doesn't get pulled by customs, 3-4 if it does.

    Over £18 and not marked as a "gift" or over £50 in any case they usually nab you. Yours if it's small and gift marked.....well...wait & see!

    Charge is £13.90.

    Work out your own postage here…htm

    IF they will mark it on the customs label as sample and a small value, then you most likely wont get charged same if they mark it as gift with a small value
    however if they complete it properly then you WILL have to pay customs, import duty Plus VAT PLUS the extortionate amount the post office charges you because you have to give them the money to pass onto customs, they make a fortune out of these charges.

    by the way.... if can take as little as 3 days to arrive, depends on which postal service you use, their version of the post office UPSP has several options for international delivery taking from 3 days to many months to arrive
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