sorted :)



Hope she's got a licence for playing the cd's in a public enviroment rather than home use :whistling:

I was going to suggest the model that you listed...I have the older version of it,and I have to say,it really does rock!! The sound off of it is amazing so I'm sure the newer one will be just as good. Also,that's the cheapest place I have found it. I don't know what your problem is with buying from evilbay? If item is new,sent insured recorded delivery,and you pay with paypal,you are covered as much as you can ever be,as it will have the guarantee card inside that you register or send away as your guarantee as well...I should add. Mine is over 7 years old,and still kicks @ss. GET IT!

Yes,should be ok...There is a second hand one for sale as well, she could pay with paypal and print it off (details) that might work as a receipt? Just a thought... Now,no taking it down the towncenter on a Saturay with your lino and breakdancing for some extra cash!
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