sorted :)



    No. Linksboks doesn't support Flash. Sorry.

    Why didn't anyone else know this?


    You can use iPlayer on XBMC using the following script: … You can use iPlayer on XBMC using the following script:

    Without sounding stupid, how do i install that? I have XBMC, i've only used it to stream videos from my PC, never used any scripts on it :oops:

    Nevermind, just found the 'How do i install'

    Edit - When i add source there's no option for 'Video Plugins' as the tutorial says, any ideas? The XBMC i am running i have had for about a year, is there an easy way to make sure i have the most up to date version?

    I think the video plugin wasn't there because i don't have the newest build. Can't find a simple description of how to upgrade it, don't really want to brick my xbox trying to do something that's not entirely necessary!!

    Go to : and download the latest version then log in to your xbox via FTP, take a backup of the XMBC installation and then replaced the installed version with the downloaded one.
    The latest version of XBMC contains and auto-upgrade option via the net that upgrades itself without all this hassle.

    bod emrys;4139711

    Thanks for that, will give it a go tonight :thumbsup:

    Me too, post on here how you get on, i might need help!! :thumbsup:

    Sorted it, thanks to all.

    Managed to get the iplayer plugin sorted too, are there any more plugins worth having?
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