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    My own house has 3 rooms with LNB feeds from a outside fitted sky minidish (from a previous sky installation) with digibox's (subscription sky viewing cards turn into FTV cards after sub is cancelled) i;ve had left from previous subscriptions or nicked from relatives, all have access to these:


    and nothing is paid to sky

    Google best bet...
    I've used ] before but they are not the cheapest.

    This for someone without a working Sky dish installation but unused DIYing it is expensive for most ppl.

    Thing is, you can get sky installation free digibox for 12x£15, thats £180, with £50 quidco, thats £130, not bad imo, and thats if you don't order, cancel a few day later saying too pricey, then getting a retention deal thats less than £180 gross which some have successfully done.

    quidco > £130 that comes with free 16mbit broadband for 12months (if Sky/Easynet is at your exchange, check ] ain't bad is it?

    After your 1st year you can cancel.

    PS: There is alot of rumour that come middle of Sky might be scrapping the normal digibox for Sky+ and SkyHD only, not sure if thats a good thing at this point however.

    There are catches

    1) Free broadband if Sky/Easynet is present at your exchange

    2) The free digibox requires you to connect it to your phoneline (the interactive services on the digibox require the phoneline to work and subcidise the cost of the digibox) but you can pay £25 NoPhoneLine charge to not have this option I believe, but they don't like it

    3) If you live high up on flats etc they can be picky, i hope you're house or low floor flat

    4) The free sky broadband package is capped at 2gigabytes or similar, the unlimited package is £10/month if you have Sky subs, this adds £120 for the 1st year if you want uncapped (on FUP)

    You can always buy an FTA receiver, LNB and dish, then point it to whatever satellite you prefer (if visible in your location). The whole kit can be bought new for less than 100 quid.

    1. Find out on [url][/url]
    2. You do not have to use them
    3. good so long as your south westerly view of the horizon from your house is unobstructed
    4. Give up? You don't have to take up Sky Broadband...

    Nice kit, I see no mention of sat alignment kit though which can be a completely pig to do without.

    £130 after quidco for minimum Sky setup ain't bad imo.
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