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    Premium includes a HDD, Wireless Controller and Headset - Core only has a Wired Controller.

    Upgrading a Core would cost more than having the Premium in the first place I think (HDD = £65, Wireless Controller = £25).

    premium also has the hd cable

    what i dont understand is the hd is 20gb, yet you only get about 13gb user space because the 360 requires the other 7gb. so how does a core model cope without that 7gb memory???

    bod emrys

    so the core has no hard drive?What is the hard drive used for? Can you … so the core has no hard drive?What is the hard drive used for? Can you save games to it so that you can play them without the disk?

    In a nutshell, the hard drive negates the need to buy a memory card. It also provides space for downloading video and demos off XBox live.
    There are a couple of games that need the hard drive to work and several use the HD to cache game data so they run better.

    You can also use it store your music onto so you can listen to it in-game, like you would with your original Xbox. Or save photo's onto it from your digital camera and watch them as a slideshow on your TV.

    If you want any advice on what games to pick up first just ask, and let us know what your Gamertag is as soon as you get on Live. :thumbsup:

    You can't get rid of the PS2 Not with amazing titles like FFXII and God Of War II so close! Well, if you're not after those 2 you might as well get rid and pickup another when the price eventually drops.

    FFXII is awesome...
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