sorted :)



    These are OK and the people I know who use them have not had any probs with Customs etc:-

    Just make sure any site you order from guarantees that if your parcel doesn't arrive (i.e intercepted by customs) they will sent you a replacement free of charge.

    This happened to me more than once but I always got a replacement package. Then I got a letter from Customs & Excise basically saying if they came accross any more such packages addressed to me they would start to investigate.

    I used to buy from DiscountCigaretteStore for OH when she was still smoking - was OK for about 18 months then had 2000 (2 * 1000) nicked by The Revenoo and gave up :x

    Arnt you worried about fakes ?

    My father bought some over a year ago and they never arrived, they never replied to emails or anything. Have no idea of the company name who scammed him.


    Arnt you worried about fakes ?

    All the fakes are already in the UK. :giggle: :giggle: :giggle:
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