sorted :)

i think Pioneer make the best writers mate

the Pioneer 112 is about £21 when it in stock at: svp.co.uk/pro…147

maybe a google search will find a cheaper price in stock?

(got a pioneer 111 myself, has not let me down!)
if u have any amazon vouchers use them 2 get it i think its 28
Depending on what colour you want they may be in stock now..]Here
]http//ww…358 £22.18 delivered but a 5% off code for apr in voucher section should give about another £1 off
heres an idea buy 2 of the liteons from ebuyer use google checkout and super saver pay only £28.58 for the pair £14.25 each.delivered.sell one to a friend or use 2 in machine you can do 2 disks at a time.
better still if you know anyone who needs a burner,plus you know how to install.im sure if you said £25 to upgrade it would be very reasonable.

p.s. ebay is dead just half the known world havent realised it yet.
are internal writers easyto install?
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