A computer would need proper ventilation though.

As for the monitor, Why not wall mount it?

A laptop might be also be a cheaper option!
You could always use an open-backed cupboard (There would need to be at least a 3-4inch gap to stop the hot air blowing back) and also having the door open when in use, Not a perfect solution though.
You can get gadgets to make your montior wireless, but expect to pay a premium…php
The amount of money you will spend on making things wireless, in partic the monitor, bluetooth accs, you may aswell buy a laptop?

WHat is the function you use for your PC? You'd pick a nice one up for about £300
I don't even know what ARC GIS is but it sounds powerful!
What room are you having your PC in? Could you sidestep the monitor completely and hook it to your TV - that would save space.
You say its an old style house, maybe put up a small cupboard in the same style as the rest of the furnishings, keep the monitor in that - then close the doors when your not using it
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