You'll need video capture card or USB device. Something like this.…505


    I paid £61 from mine which I thought was ceap as they where on QVC for £90

    You can also try ]Pinnacle/Dazzle DVD Recorder for £28.26. Bring total order value to 30 quid (some blank DVDs maybe?) and you'll get tenner off (Google checkout).

    Dunno It is still listed there.

    bod emrys

    Thanks Stora, what's the advantage of that one over the one kommunist … Thanks Stora, what's the advantage of that one over the one kommunist found that's half the price?

    Can't see any apart from a scart convector.

    I tried to do this using a Pinnacle DC10 capture card but the rendering took hours after the capture. I lost the will to live.:-(

    Simplest way, maybe not the cheapest, is to buy a cheap dvd recorder, hook it up to your vhs recorder then just record direct from video to dvd recorder.

    That's what I did, press record and forget for a couple of hours. Doesn't tie up your laptop for hours on end and I guess you could sell on the dvd recorder afterwards.

    Not much use if you want to edit your home movies and stuff but I simply wanted a straight transfer from tape to dvd, warts and all, at least you could fast forward through the bad bits once on dvd.

    Edit: Just checked that Dazzle device mentioned in an earlier post, I guess that speeds things up then? No rendering anymore?

    From my experience, most of cheap capture devices can only do software encoding. It is fine when your CPU (and HDD too) is fast enough but if not, then as a result, recording might suffer (skipped frames, desync, etc). If budget allows, then go for MPEG2 hardware encoder, such as ]ADS DVD XPress or DV encoder, such as ]Canopus ADVC55. The latter requires 13GB/hour but editing is much easier and it produces better results that software/hardware MPEG encoders. I can explain why this happens, but it is a lengthy discussion
    Another solution (the easiest one, IMO) is to use digital camcorder with analog passthrough. Several camcorders (typically, those in the upper price segment) feature analogue input ports (AV) and digital outputs (DV) so it can convert AV to DV on-the-fly.

    So, if one want to get the best quality out of analogue video, then I'd rate options as follows (in terms of quality, disregarding prices):

    1. Hardware AV/DV convertor
    2. Hardware MPEG2 encoders
    3. Software MPEG encoders.

    Thank you

    It depends. If you have USB hardware MPEG encoder, then with low (but still sufficient) bitrate of, say 4Mbps you should be able to capture video in decent resolution. For devices without hardware encoder (those streaming uncompressed video and then using CPU to compress it) you'll get low resolution (320x240) and quality might suffer.

    Just bear in mind that if your PC is really old and slow it might not be able to cope with USB stream, even if it is as low as 4Mbps. As a cheap solution - maybe it'll be easier for you to buy standalone DVD recorder (you can get it for 60 quid or so)?

    Oh, another thing to remember - if you are going to transfer copyrighted videos (such as Disney movies, etc) then you need to find capture device which can cope with macrovision protection! Not all of them can do this and you might need to buy "signal corrector", which is nothing more than macrovision remover
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