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    40 gig is a lot, and should be more than enough. If you dont download the latest games and hd movies off news groups or torrents etc then you should be fine.

    Try to get a bandwidth monitor an see how much you use over a week or so and then make a decision. Its too hard to guess this without some sort of data.

    a 60min view will prob be around 600mb appox

    I've found that the more speed I have, the more garbage I download. Just because I can.

    I download odd bits (often over 1Gb a time) of film and music, not because I want them, but just to take a look - then delete them without fully watching.

    So bear that in mind...

    Go with o2

    i think its 60 gb with aol but done over 300gb in a month nothing said

    That's worrying news. I use Post Office Broadband Extra and regularly go over 40GB (say one month in three). In November I downloaded 55GB myself and the other three computers in the house probably added their fair share of gigabytes to that. I wonder if this 40GB limit was recently added and I haven't hit it yet or whether the person on the phone got their numbers wrong.

    I only use iPlayer for radio which obviously uses very little bandwidth. For TV 600MB/h sounds right to me, I believe the iPlayer uses 1.5Mbps for the large, SD TV streams.

    No mention about 40GB limit [url][/url]

    I would ring up and ask someone else to be sure.

    It does state if you over use the limit 3 months in a row then they can cancel your broadband, but only if it's being done during peak time (6pm - 11pm).

    i know bt 'unlimited' is around 40gb

    its fair usage so if you go a lil bit over here and there I dont think they will mind

    ive gone over 100 in a month and thats when they start capping your speed suppose that eliminated the fair usage policy as I went over 2 and a half times what the limit is every month

    @endless waves they should email you if you are going over lots and lots I would say with 'unlimited' tariffs there will be leeway either side cos you have only gone 15gb over i dont think they will rant and rave over it

    @bod emrys I'd say you be fine with 40gb it is a lot. will you be using Iplayer instead of your tv? are you never home to watch things on bbc? lol

    Most iplayer stuff is still around 512kbps from what I gather, so under 250MB per hour - some streams are higher but generally you would struggle to go over 40GB/month on iplayer alone... [for the moment at least]. I'd expect as these sorts of data rates go up, companies will be obliged to increase the caps on their so called 'fair use' policies...

    Just have a look on iplayer for the programs that you watch. The file size is below the window. Jimmy's Harvest for example is 653mb in SD and 1.3gb in HD.

    File/activity type Approximate size
    Email 4KB
    Digital photo 1MB
    Music track 4MB
    Movie 225MB
    High Definition Movie 4GB

    30 minutes streaming
    of BBC iPlayer programme
    (at 500kbps) 108MB

    Above info from BT.

    For iplayer im not sure but the file size in bottom corner could be for when you download it, streaming isnt downloading

    Thought I'd give this a little test so have monitored some streams and direct streaming uses about 325mb per hour so about half of the downloaded SD version. Hope this helps people out.

    bod emrys;7553435

    The fair use policy (which faevilangel has linked to) does say that … The fair use policy (which faevilangel has linked to) does say that they'll only act on it if you regulaly go over the limit (have a read of it for the exact terms and conditions)

    Where does it say that? The only thing I can see is that they say they'll send you a warning as soon as you go over the limit which I haven't had and then act on it if it keeps happening.

    The iPlayer is definitely available at 1500kbps, 800kbps and 500Kbps according to the ]BBC website (and 3,200 for their HD streams) but there's no mention of whether this is for all programs or not.

    bod emrys;7553731

    Thanks, but now I'm confused :thinking: Is it higher quality if you … Thanks, but now I'm confused :thinking: Is it higher quality if you download stuff from iplayer rather than stream it? I only ask as I've just had a look at iplayer and a typical 30 min episode (not in hd) seems to be about 320Mb to download - that would tie in with bg1's answer of 600Mb per hour.

    I think they offer multiple rates as EndlessWaves says, and the 500kpbs figure was from a mid-2008 article so they may well generally offer an upped-rate these days. Even so, I'd still have though 40GB should be enough if your main use is streaming and (legal) downloading, you may get close/occasional over but you would need to watch an awful lot to go well over.
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