Found 12th Jun 2008
is this out yet? ive been looking for the rom on few sites and cant find it...just thought someone might know if and when it will be available?

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not sure if best price for it,wasn't on game comparison site I use.

I presume you've seen IGN's positive review (as I did) and thought "Hmm, this looks like a fun and original game. I'd quite like to try that out on my R4/DSTT/whatever" ?

If so, it seems that IGN have been given a pre-release copy to review early, and that's why it's not showing up on the rom-sites yet (games rarely, if ever, appear on the rom-sites until at least the day of official release in 1 or more countrys).

It does look good though doesn't it ? It's hard to find quality original games for DS these days amongst all the shovel-ware, pet games, brain games, movie/tv games etc.

If it comes out tommorrow then I'm sure you'll find it on various rom-sites (and bit-torrent) by the weekend.
I'm looking forward to trying it out on my R4 (and buying it if I think it's worth the money).

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yeah same here martin.....i actually seen it advertised on the tv a few days ago and it looks good. kinda like loco rocco on the psp...not same game but same uniqueness if you get me......cant wait....if you see it tomorrow gimme a shout..and ill do same..just case u miss it lol

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anyone got it and played it yet?

Thought this game looked cool, once it's available for DL I'll get back to you.

Not being a grumpy get or anything, but if this is a "good, original game" you know, the ones we never see anymore, then why not buy it? I know it is a strange concept in these times of high speed theft, but if a company has taken the time and risk of making a new IP and game concept then they should be rewarded for it, don't you think?
By all means, download it and see what you think of the thing, we have all spent money on steaming piles before and wondered how they could package turds and sell for that price, but if they don't make any money on it at all then there is less chance of someone trying something similar in the future.
Just my little tuppence worth for the day, happy hunting for the rom,


**EDIT** actually, it is published by Eidos, d/l away

^hypocrite, lol

I really need a rom of this, why isnt anybody uploading one D:

It's noty even showing up on this site…ist

I think it's because 13th June is the shipping date and will be in stores today, had the same thing happen with other games like Apollo Justice.


^hypocrite, lol

I buy good games that I like, maybe not on day of release, but I buy them.
Shame I don't have enough time to play all the games I have bought recently though, the collection is probably into about 500 titles by now!!!


Download is available now, gonna play it in a minute.

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Download is available now, gonna play it in a minute.

where from? not on nds-roms....

send me a linlk?

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It's on there now, I got it from frozen roms. This is a really good game!
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